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Volume 2 Issue 3
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Everyone knows what the big story this issue is… and no, I am not talking about the issues with the campus police… no, according to the federal judge’s gag order, I am not allowed to talk about dat. The big story this issue is of course: oneday. Everybody who is anybody will be leaving Thursday evening at 8 pm headed for Memphis in a huge gleaming bus.

“Kneeling there, hearts together bowed,
faces to the ground, tears meeting the soil,
cries rising to heaven.
Worship and prayer together wed.
Prayers for mercy.
Intercession for salvation.
Songs of deliverance.
Quiet waiting for an outpouring of the Spirit of God
on us and on this land.
Repentant hearts.
Restored souls.“

Bam! If that don’t get your blood flowing, you better check your pulse… the weekend of May 20th will be the event of a lifetime. Hundreds of thousands of souls, “a generation of God-chasers… proclaiming His glory at all cost to people everywhere, and bringing back marching orders for dropping the gauntlet in Southeast Texas.” As General Custer always used to say: “Need the info… throw me a frickin bone here…” Ummm, well okay, maybe that wasn’t Custer, but you get the point.

Another semi-big story is this issue marks the one-year anniversary inception of “The Link”. We have definitely come a long way in the last 12 months. I would like to take a moment to thank Jimn Kyles and Jason Whitney, our managing editors, Natalie Wood, Jessica Bertrand, Jules, Courtney Vick, and Jana Picou, our copy editors, Laura Williams, our graphics editor, and a whole bunch of contributing writers…. I ain’t gonna even try to name the legions…

Here are the screen shots from our previous issues. You’ve come along way baby, indeed… stay tuned for bigger and better in the near future.

For those of you who are non-geeks, you are missing out on some pretty good discussion on Praise Joint . It seems the budding writers here and yon have discovered our section of the online world and have been sharing what God has laid on their hearts. Just in the last 30 days there have been visitors from Japan, China, Russia, the Middle East, most of Europe, Africa, and South America, as well as most states in the union. We will soon have to upgrade our service to accommodate all the traffic. This summer we will be making additions to Praise Joint so that churches will have a venue to publicize the activities that are going on. None of the previous even mentions Fuse Box, our online prayer warrior section of Praise Joint, it is by far the busiest section, with hundreds of prayer requests being received 24/7. If you have need of prayer or want to pray for someone, drop us a line there. More and more churches are realizing the benefit of combining their efforts with other churches in our prayer life.

Another expansion you may want to keep in prayer is our upcoming internet radio station. This has the potential to reach millions in the next few years. I hear the first morning crew will be staffed by none other than the world-famous DJ Jazzy J and the Fresh Mango, God has richly blessed with this talent, don’t miss it. More details to come.

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Strength and Honor,

The Artist Formerly Known as Mango

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